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Behind the Oil: The Story of Dallas' Famous TV Family" dives into the intricate tapestry of the Ewing family's rise to power. Amidst Texas' vast oil fields, the dynastic Ewing family finds wealth and prominence, yet their personal lives are a battlefield of rivalries, secrets, and betrayals.

Behind the Oil: The Story of Dallas’ Famous TV Family

For over a decade, Dallas captivated audiences with its dramatic portrayal of the Ewing family and their tumultuous lives. From power struggles to love triangles, the show’s characters became household names and spawned countless spin-offs and remakes. At the center of it all is the Ewing family tree, which spans multiple generations and encompasses a complex web of relationships and rivalries.



This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the Ewing family history as well as delve into the history of Ewing Oil, one of the show’s most iconic plot points. By examining the management and leadership styles of key characters like J.R. and Bobby Ewing, readers can gain insight into what made this fictional family so compelling to watch. Additionally, we’ll explore how challenges like succession planning and company scandals impacted both the fictional world of Dallas and real-life businesses alike. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or simply curious about this iconic TV series, this article has something for everyone looking to explore America’s favorite oil dynasty.

Ewing Family Overview

You already know a lot about the Ewing family, but let’s take a closer look at their history and involvement with Ewing Oil and Ewing Energies. The Ewings are a prominent fictional American prime time soap opera family that owns and runs Southfork Ranch and various oil companies such as Ewing Oil, which was founded by Jock Ewing in 1930. Despite Jock’s death, his legacy lives on through his three sons: J.R., Gary, and Bobby. Family dynamics play an important role in the show’s storylines as romantic relationships between characters add layers of complexity to their interactions.

Throughout the series, character development is evident as each member of the family navigates different challenges that come their way. From J.R.’s cunning business tactics to Bobby’s ethical dilemmas, viewers witness how these characters adapt to situations while still maintaining their loyalty to the family. Southfork Ranch serves as an integral part of the show’s setting where various events occur such as weddings, funerals, and even attempted murders.

The history of Ewing Oil is intertwined with that of the Ewing family. The company has seen many changes throughout its existence such as when J.R. invested $200 million in offshore leases in Asia leading to one of the biggest oil strikes in the world or when Cliff Barnes declared war on them. Understanding this background will be essential for comprehending later developments within both the company and individual character arcs.

Ewing Oil History


Throughout the tumultuous history of Ewing Oil, the company experienced major shifts in leadership and ownership, from Jock’s founding to its absorption into Barnes Global in the revival series. The oil business was at the center of many conflicts and rivalries, especially between the Ewings and the Barnes. Cliff Barnes declared war on Ewing Oil after feeling cheated out of his father’s share of the company, which led to a long-standing rivalry between him and J.R.

Despite J.R.’s cunning tactics and thirst for power, Bobby emerged as a strong leader after taking over as president following J.R.’s shooting. He drilled in Canada while J.R. over-pumped oil and opened cut-price gas stations, ultimately winning their contest to run the company side by side with equal shares. However, their partnership was short-lived when Jock’s will split Ewing Oil 50-50 between them.

Oil strikes were a frequent occurrence for Ewing Oil throughout its history. One such strike came from an investment made by J.R., who put $200 million into offshore leases in Asia that turned out to be one of the biggest oil strikes in history. Despite this success, trouble continued to plague the family-owned business through various schemes launched by adversaries like Cliff Barnes seeking revenge against them.

Moving into management and leadership, it is important to note how each member of the Ewing family played a role in running Ewing Oil during its tenure as one of Texas’ most prominent companies.

Management and Leadership

From Jock Ewing, who founded the company in 1930, to his sons J.R., Gary, and Bobby, each family member has brought their unique personality and leadership style to the table.

Team dynamics within Ewing Oil were often strained due to family conflicts and power struggles. Decision-making processes were heavily influenced by these dynamics, with voting shares being divided amongst family members. Communication strategies varied depending on who was in charge at the time, with some leaders favoring transparency while others chose secrecy.

Conflict resolution was also an ongoing issue for Ewing Oil. The rivalry between Cliff Barnes and J.R. led to a decades-long feud that resulted in numerous legal battles and personal vendettas. Performance evaluation was not always fair or objective, as family loyalty often trumped actual accomplishments when it came time for promotions or bonuses.

As we move into the next section about company divisions and ventures, it is clear that management and leadership will continue to play a crucial role in the success (or failure) of Ewing Oil’s endeavors.

Company Divisions and Ventures


As we delve into the world of Ewing Oil’s various divisions and ventures, it becomes clear that their success hinges on the strategic decisions made by the company’s leaders. Despite facing numerous challenges, such as fluctuating oil prices, intense competition, and political interference, Ewing Oil continues to explore new ventures and opportunities for growth. With an eye towards future plans and financial growth, Ewing Oil remains a key player in the energy sector.

Market analysis is a crucial tool used by Ewing Oil to stay ahead of their competitors. By analyzing market trends and consumer behavior, they can identify new opportunities for expansion. In recent years, they have explored new technologies such as gas hydrates developed by Christopher and Elena’s collaboration. They have also looked at investing in renewable energy sources to reduce their environmental impact while maintaining profitability.

Despite being a powerhouse in the industry, like any company, Ewing Oil has faced its share of controversies. Challenges such as lawsuits from environmental groups due to fracking activities or allegations of insider trading can damage their reputation; however, with strong leadership and innovative strategies in place, they continue to navigate through these issues while remaining committed to providing reliable energy solutions for consumers worldwide.

Challenges and Controversies

Ethical issues, legal battles, family feuds, financial scandals, and public relations crises have all plagued the company at one point or another. Some of these controversies have even led to the downfall of Ewing Oil.

One such controversy was J.R.’s attempt to raise the price of American crude by paying a mercenary to blow up oil wells. His criminal activities were eventually exposed, and the company was shut down. Another scandal involved Cliff Barnes conspiring with Harris Ryland and Texas governor Sam McConaughey to take down the Ewing family. Barnes sabotaged Christophers technology demonstration on the gas rig, causing a billion dollar fine against Ewing Energies. Governor McConaughy seized Ewing Oil wells via eminent domain, making it impossible for them to pay the fine.

Despite these challenges and controversies, the Ewing family has managed to overcome them time and again. However, their success has not come without consequences. The next section will delve into how succession and inheritance have played a role in shaping their legacy as a family-owned business empire.

Succession and Inheritance


The family’s generational wealth was at stake, and legal battles over Jock’s will had already divided Ewing Oil. Estate planning had become crucial for ensuring that the company remained under the control of the family.

The dynamics among the Ewing siblings further complicated matters as they all vied for control of the company. Inheritance tax also posed a considerable threat to their wealth, with each member having to pay taxes on their share of assets. With so much at stake, it was essential for them to have a well thought out estate plan that would ensure smooth transition of ownership in case of any unforeseen events.

Despite facing these challenges, the Ewings managed to retain their hold on Ewing Oil and continue building their wealth through new ventures like Ewing Energies. This resilience proved critical in maintaining their status as one of America’s wealthiest families while navigating legal battles and internal strife. As they moved forward into this new era, it remained to be seen how they would handle future challenges while continuing to build upon their legacy.

Ewing Energies and Beyond

The Ewings have faced numerous challenges in their quest to retain control of Ewing Energies and build upon their legacy. One of the biggest threats came from John Ross’ schemes, which often put him at odds with his family. His alliances with Elena, who teamed up with her brother Drew to form Ramos Oil, further complicated matters. However, despite these obstacles, the Ewings persevered.

Barnes Global’s takeover also posed a significant threat to the Ewings’ control over their company. Cliff Barnes conspired with Harris Ryland and Texas governor Sam McConaughey to take down the Ewing family. Barnes sabotaged Christophers technology demonstration on the gas rig, causing a billion dollar fine against Ewing Energies. Governor McConaughy seized Ewing Oil wells via eminent domain, making it impossible to pay the fine. However, thanks to J.R.’s final scheme and Bobby and Sue Ellen’s efforts, the Ewings regained control of both Barnes Global and Ewing Energies.

Looking towards the future, the fate of Ewing Global remains uncertain amidst changing trends in the oil industry. The rise of renewable energy sources presents new challenges for traditional oil companies like theirs. Nonetheless, the legacy of Jock and his sons lives on through their determination to adapt and overcome any obstacle in their path. The future may be uncertain but one thing is for sure: The Ewing name will continue to hold power and influence in Dallas for generations to come.

Final Thoughts


In conclusion, the Ewing family and their company, Ewing Oil, have captured the hearts of audiences for decades. From patriarchs Jock and Ellie to the new generation of John Ross and Christopher, the family tree showcases a rich history filled with drama, power struggles, and complicated relationships.

One interesting statistic is that Dallas was one of the most-watched television shows during its original run in the 1980s, with over 350 million viewers worldwide tuning in to watch the Ewings’ antics. The show’s popularity led to spin-offs, merchandise, and even a reboot series that introduced new characters while maintaining the classic elements that made Dallas so beloved.

Overall, the legacy of the Ewing family and Ewing Oil continues to live on through pop culture references and fan nostalgia. Through their trials and tribulations, they have cemented their place as one of television’s most iconic families.
Ewing family (Dallas)
The Ewing family is the fictional family of the American prime time soap opera Dallas and its 2012 revival, as well as the foundation of the spin-off series

Jock Ewing
prequel The Early Years in 1986. Jock founded Ewing Oil in 1930 and was the patriarch of the Ewing family. Steve Forrest portrayed a character called Wes

Miss Ellie Ewing
centered on the lives of the wealthy Ewing family of Dallas, Texas. Created by writer David Jacobs, the character of family matriarch Miss Ellie was an important

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