Infuriated by Bobby getting stonewalled by his brother, JR, Jock confronts JR about it and suffers a heart attack during the process. While Bobby fills in at the ranch, JR takes it upon himself to make a deal under the table that involves Section 40 of Southfork and doing something he knows will only upset his father.

Bypass – Season 2, Episode 4

In the world of captivating television dramas, Dallas has made an impact like no other. With its intricate plotlines, well-developed characters, and dramatic twists, the show keeps fans on the edge of their seats, craving more. Season 2, Episode 4, titled “Bypass,” is no exception. In this episode, the tension between the Ewing brothers escalates, while Jock Ewing faces a life-threatening situation. Get ready for a dive into the events of this thrilling episode!


Jim Davis Jock Ewing – Dallas TV Addicts
Jim Davis Jock Ewing – Dallas TV Addicts

The episode begins with a brewing storm in the Ewing household. Infuriated by Bobby’s inability to make progress with his older brother, JR, Jock takes matters into his own hands. The Ewing patriarch confronts JR about his stonewalling tactics, questioning his motives and loyalty to the family. This intense confrontation, however, takes a toll on Jock’s health. In a shocking turn of events, he suffers a heart attack during the heated exchange, leaving the family in a state of distress.

Bobby Steps Up

With Jock’s health compromised, Bobby steps up to the plate and fills in at the ranch. Demonstrating his strong work ethic and dedication to the family business, Bobby proves he is capable of handling the responsibilities that come with running Southfork. His ability to rise to the occasion showcases his potential as a future leader and cements his role as a vital member of the Ewing family.

JR’s Underhanded Deal

While Bobby is preoccupied with his duties at the ranch, JR seizes the opportunity to make a deal behind the scenes. This underhanded maneuver involves Section 40 of Southfork, a piece of land with significant implications for the family’s future. JR, aware of the potential consequences and the disapproval of his father, goes ahead with the deal anyway. His actions demonstrate his cunning nature and a willingness to go to great lengths to achieve his goals, even if it means upsetting those closest to him.

Final Thoughts


“Bypass” is a thrilling and intense episode of the Dallas TV show, highlighting the complexities of the Ewing family dynamic. The events of this episode showcase the conflicts between the characters and hint at the escalating drama that lies ahead. With Jock’s health in jeopardy, Bobby stepping up to the plate, and JR’s Machiavellian scheming, viewers are left eager to see how the season unfolds. The intricate plot and emotionally charged performances make this episode a must-watch for Dallas fans, as it showcases the best of what this iconic TV show has to offer.

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