Discover the untold story of Cloyce Box Ranch, the inspiration behind the iconic Southfork Ranch. Unveil a world of glamor, scandal, and Texas-sized drama.

The Original Southfork Ranch: Cloyce Box Ranch

Step back in time and immerse yourself in the rich history of the Cloyce Box Ranch, also known as the original Southfork Ranch. Like the iconic Tara from Gone with the Wind, this majestic estate stood as a symbol of elegance and grandeur.



The Cloyce Box Ranch holds a special place in the history of Dallas. It was the original location for the iconic Southfork ranch, where the first five episodes of the show were filmed. However, after the first season in 1978, the series had to leave the ranch. The property owner, Cloyce K. Box, was not pleased with how the Texas oil industry was portrayed negatively in the show. But fear not, the production found a new home at the charming Duncan Acres ranch, located near Plano, Texas. This picturesque location became the backdrop for the rest of the series, ensuring that Dallas continued to captivate audiences with its unique charm and drama.

Key Takeaways

  • Box Estate, a replica of Tara from Gone with the Wind, was built in 1941 but destroyed in a fire during a remodeling project in 1987.
  • Cloyce Box, former All-Pro football player and owner of the estate, faced financial setbacks in rebuilding the mansion and passed away in 1993.
  • Currently, the property is in a state of limbo due to foreclosures, litigation, and the uncertain plans for its use, although potential uses include a home, horse breeding facility, or clubhouse.

Cloyce Box Ranch

The ranch house, a magnificent 14,000-square-foot colonial-style mansion, was an exquisite creation by the talented John Astin Perkins. Originally constructed in 1941, it was meticulously designed as a replica of the iconic Tara plantation house from the beloved 1939 film Gone With The Wind. However, this remarkable piece of architecture, unfortunately, no longer graces our world. Tragedy struck the Cloyce Box Ranch in 1987 when a devastating fire engulfed the property during a remodeling project.

History of the Estate


The Box estate held immense historical significance as the iconic Southfork Ranch. It became a cultural reference, forever etched in the memories of Dallas fans. Locally, the estate had a significant impact on the community, attracting visitors from all over who wanted to experience the grandeur of Southfork. Despite the devastating fire, preservation efforts were made to salvage what remained of the estate’s beauty. However, the journey towards restoration was met with financial setbacks and legal battles. Transitioning into the subsequent section about the fire and rebuilding attempts, it became clear that the path to resurrecting the Box estate would not be an easy one.

Fire and Rebuilding Attempts

Amidst the ashes and financial setbacks, rebuilding the iconic estate after the devastating fire in 1987 seemed like an insurmountable challenge. The fire investigation revealed extensive damage to the mansion and its elegant features, including the carved wood trim and antique crystal chandeliers. The architectural design held great historical significance and was a cherished landmark in the community. However, the owner, Cloyce Box, faced financial difficulties that hindered the restoration process. Despite his efforts, the mounting costs and litigation surrounding the property prevented a successful rebuild.

The fire and subsequent rebuilding attempts had a profound impact on the community. The loss of the Box estate was a blow to the town’s sense of history and identity. Many residents fondly remembered the estate as the original Southfork Ranch from the popular TV series Dallas. The absence of such a prominent and historical landmark left a void in the community.

Transitioning into the subsequent section about the current status and ownership of the property, the Box estate’s tumultuous journey continues to unfold.

Current Status and Ownership

The Box estate is currently in a state of limbo due to legal disputes and financial setbacks. After the devastating fire in 1987, owner Cloyce Box faced challenges in rebuilding the mansion, ultimately leading to foreclosures and litigation. Unfortunately, Mr. Box’s sudden death in 1993 further complicated the situation.

In considering the potential uses for the property, it is important to take into account its sentimental value and rich history. With Frisco’s development and growth, the Box estate has the potential to become a cherished landmark once again.

Potential Uses for the Property

One potential use for the property includes transforming it into a country club or convention center, bringing new life and opportunities to the historic site. With its rich history and elegant features, the Box estate has the potential to be a unique and charming venue for various events and activities. The spacious grounds, once home to crops, cattle, and horses, could be repurposed for horse breeding, adding to the allure of the property. Additionally, the main house structure, with its carved wood trim and antique crystal chandeliers, could serve as a clubhouse, providing a luxurious and exclusive space for members to relax and socialize.

Moreover, the Box estate’s location makes it an attractive prospect for planned development. Frisco, once a small town in the boonies, has seen significant growth and development in recent years. As the area becomes more livable and desirable, the potential for a country club or convention center on the Box property aligns with the city’s vision of progress and expansion. The property’s sentimentality and history, particularly as the original Southfork Ranch from the Dallas TV series, further enhance its appeal.

Transitioning into the subsequent section about the relevance to Frisco’s development, the Box estate holds immense potential for contributing to the city’s growth and economy.

Relevance to Frisco’s Development

With its potential to become a thriving country club or convention center, the Box estate holds a significant role in the development and growth of Frisco. The impact on the local economy cannot be overstated, as such a prestigious establishment would attract visitors and generate revenue for the city. Additionally, the preservation efforts for the Box estate would not only maintain the historical significance of the property but also contribute to the community’s sense of identity and pride. The involvement of the community in supporting the restoration and future development of the estate would further strengthen the bond between residents and the city.

Moreover, the presence of a prestigious country club or convention center would have a positive impact on property values in the surrounding area, attracting more affluent residents and businesses. The future development opportunities that the Box estate presents are immense, whether it be as a country club, convention center, or even as an integral part of a larger master plan for the city. With all these factors in mind, the Box estate has the potential to shape the future of Frisco and propel its development to new heights. As the listing and potential future plans for the property are explored, the next step is to consider the possibilities for its revival and the benefits it can bring to Frisco.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Cloyce Box Ranch: The Original Southfork Ranch?

A: Cloyce Box Ranch: The Original Southfork Ranch is a famous ranch located in Frisco, Texas. It was originally owned by Cloyce Box, who was a former player for the Detroit Lions and a prominent figure in the Texas oil industry.

Q: How is Cloyce Box Ranch related to the TV series “Dallas”?

A: Cloyce Box Ranch is the iconic setting for the Season 1 TV series “Dallas”. It served as the fictional Ewing family’s ranch in the series, captivating viewers with its portrayal of Texas oil industry drama.

Q: What is the history of Cloyce Box Ranch?

A: Cloyce Box Ranch was originally purchased by Baxter Brinkmann in 1978. It was later bought by the Box family in the early 1980s. The ranch gained fame when the first five episodes of the TV series “Dallas” were filmed there.

Q: Is the original Cloyce Box Ranch still in existence?

A: No, the original Cloyce Box Ranch no longer exists. The property changed hands multiple times after the TV series “Dallas” ended, and it has been transformed into a multifamily residential community called “Southfork Ranch Apartments”.

Q: Who were some of the notable owners of Cloyce Box Ranch?

A: Some notable owners of Cloyce Box Ranch include Baxter Brinkmann, the Box family, and John Astin Perkins. Each owner left their mark on the property during their tenure.

Q: How did the TV series “Dallas” impact the popularity of Cloyce Box Ranch?

A: The TV series “Dallas” brought great visibility and popularity to Cloyce Box Ranch. It served as the backdrop for the iconic Ewing family and their dramatic Texas oil industry saga, igniting interest in the ranch and attracting fans from all over the world.

Q: What happened to the ranch after the TV series “Dallas” ended?

A: After the TV series “Dallas” ended, the ranch went through various ownership changes and was eventually developed into a residential community. The original ranch house and its colonial-style mansion were no longer preserved.

Q: Are there any public attractions or tours available at Cloyce Box Ranch?

A: No, currently there are no public attractions or tours available at Cloyce Box Ranch. The land has been repurposed as a residential community, and the original ranch house is no longer accessible to the public.

Q: What is the significance of Cloyce Box Ranch in relation to the Texas oil industry?

A: Cloyce Box Ranch, also known as Southfork Ranch, was an emblematic representation of the Texas oil industry. It played a central role in the TV series “Dallas”, which showcased the glamorous and often tumultuous lives of the fictional Ewing family and their oil-related business ventures.

Q: What are the sentimental and historical associations with the Box estate?

The Box estate holds immense sentimental value and historical significance. It is a symbol of cultural heritage, evoking personal memories and community connections. The elegant features, such as carved wood trim and antique crystal chandeliers, added to its allure. The estate’s association with the original Southfork Ranch from the Dallas TV series further enhances its historical importance. Despite the fire and subsequent financial setbacks, the Box estate remains a cherished piece of history, worthy of preservation and future possibilities.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Cloyce Box Ranch, also known as the original Southfork Ranch, holds a fascinating history and an uncertain future. Despite the tragic fire that destroyed the majestic mansion in 1987, the property has the potential to be repurposed into a home, horse breeding facility, or clubhouse. With the development of Frisco, the ranch could even fit into an overall master plan or be transformed into a country club or convention center. Currently listed for sale, the future of this iconic estate holds endless possibilities.

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