In "The Lesson," Pam Ewing takes charge of ensuring Lucy attends school, facing unexpected challenges. Meanwhile, J.R. keeps his business secrets from Bobby, highlighting the Ewing family's complex dynamics. This engaging episode explores themes of family relationships, the pursuit of knowledge, and the power struggles within both personal and professional spheres.

The Lesson: Season 1, Episode 2

Welcome back to our dedicated Dallas TV show blog! Today, we will delve into the intriguing world of the Ewing family as we explore Season 1, Episode 2, titled “The Lesson.” Originally aired on April 9, 1978, this captivating episode offers a blend of life lessons, family dynamics, and business intrigue. Let’s examine the events that make this episode an engaging chapter in the iconic series.



The Lesson” begins with Pam Ewing overhearing Ray Krebbs attempting to delegate his responsibility of taking Lucy to school to one of the ranch hands. Deciding to step in, Pam ensures that Lucy attends school, but quickly learns that she has taken on more than she anticipated. As Pam navigates the challenges of dealing with Lucy, the Ewing family’s dynamics come into focus.

Meanwhile, J.R. Ewing’s cunning and manipulative ways are on full display as he avoids answering his younger brother Bobby’s inquiries about his success in dealing with independent oil companies. Bobby, eager to learn and understand the secrets behind J.R.’s accomplishments, is left in the dark, further highlighting the complicated relationships within the Ewing family.

Character Development

In this episode, Pam’s compassionate and nurturing side is showcased as she takes responsibility for ensuring Lucy attends school. Her determination to help Lucy highlights her strong sense of duty and care for her new family, despite the challenges she faces.

J.R.’s character is further developed as his cunning tactics and reluctance to share his secrets with Bobby come to the forefront. His elusive behavior demonstrates his willingness to keep the upper hand, even within his own family.

Themes and Symbolism

“The Lesson” explores the theme of family dynamics and the complexity of relationships within the Ewing family. Pam’s determination to help Lucy, as well as J.R.’s secretive behavior towards Bobby, underscore the intricacies of family life and the challenges of maintaining unity.

Another theme present in this episode is the pursuit of knowledge and power. Bobby’s desire to learn from J.R.’s success illustrates his ambition and drive, while J.R.’s reluctance to share his methods serves as a reminder of the lengths people will go to protect their interests and maintain power.

Final Thoughts


The Lesson” is an engaging episode in the first season of Dallas. It combines family drama with business intrigue, creating a compelling storyline that keeps viewers invested in the characters’ lives. This episode also delves deeper into the complex relationships and motivations of the Ewing family members, adding depth to their ongoing narratives.

If you haven’t seen this episode yet or want to revisit the drama, be sure to give “The Lesson” a watch. And stay tuned for more in-depth analyzes of your favorite Dallas episodes right here on our blog!

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