.J.R. and Bobby Ewing: A tale of two brothers. Polar opposites bound by blood and a shared legacy. From oil wars to personal battles, an unbroken bond.

The Tale Of J.R. And Bobby Ewing Brothers

Dallas, the iconic television show that premiered in 1978, quickly became a cultural phenomenon. It captivated audiences with its portrayal of the wealthy and powerful Ewing family, whose oil empire was at the center of the drama. However, it was the complicated relationship between two brothers, J.R. and Bobby Ewing, that kept viewers on the edge of their seats.



J.R. Ewing was the cunning and ruthless older brother who would stop at nothing to gain power and control over his family’s business.

Bobby Ewing, on the other hand, was seen as the moral center of the show – a man who always tried to do what was right even if it meant going against his own brother. Their dynamic created some of Dallas’ most memorable storylines and love stories that have continued to resonate with audiences today. In this article, we delve into their tale – one that explores themes of power struggle, loyalty, and family ties – and examine why it continues to capture our imagination decades later.

The Beginnings of Dallas: A Television Classic

Dallas premiered on April 2, 1978, and quickly became an American television sensation. Created by David Jacobs, the show was set in Texas and revolved around the wealthy Ewing family.

The story centered on two brothers, Bobby and J.R. Ewing. Jock Ewing had created a successful independent oil company called Ewing Oil, which both brothers were involved with. While Bobby did things for himself, J.R. always sought his father’s approval and praise. Despite their complicated relationship, they stood together against enemies when it came to protecting their family’s legacy.

Dallas wasn’t just about sex, intrigues, deceptions, or blackmail; it also explored struggles and successes within a rich Texas family. The show tackled issues such as miscarriages, alcoholism, depression, having time for each other as well as sexual innuendos and the importance of time for sex. As you delve into more details about the series’ characters and their relationships below in ‘meet the Ewing family: wealthy and powerful,’ prepare to be taken on an emotional roller coaster ride through decades of love stories intertwined with sibling rivalries that will keep you hooked till the very end!

Meet the Ewing Family: Wealthy and Powerful

The Ewings (Pinterest)
The Ewings (Pinterest)

You’ll be introduced to a family with immense wealth and power when you watch Dallas. The Ewing family is one of the wealthiest in Texas, and their lavish lifestyle reflects that. They own a successful oil company, Ewing Oil, which provides them with an endless supply of money and influence. The patriarch of the family, Jock Ewing, built this empire from scratch and passed it on to his sons.

The dynamic between the members of the Ewing family is complicated. J.R. wants his father’s approval more than anything else in the world, while Bobby prefers to do things for himself. This fundamental difference sets them apart from each other and causes friction within the family. Meanwhile, Pam struggles to make her marriage with Bobby accepted by their families as she tries to fit into this world full of secrets and lies.

Despite all these complications, they stand together against enemies who threaten their existence as a wealthy dynasty in Dallas society. In the next section about ‘the complex relationship between J.R. and Bobby Ewing,’ we will explore how this bond between brothers influences their actions towards each other and shapes their individual destinies within the Ewing clan.

The Complex Relationship between J.R. and Bobby Ewing


You can’t deny the fire that burns between them, a flame fueled by loyalty and ambition, causing sparks of both love and hate in their complicated relationship. Bobby Ewing and J.R. Ewing are two brothers with different approaches to life, but they share a common goal: keeping the family business, Ewing Oil, on top. Bobby is principled and honorable, while J.R. is cunning and ruthless. Despite their differences, they stand together against their enemies.

Bobby’s loyalty to his family often puts him at odds with J.R.’s schemes to maintain power over the company. Their brotherly bond is tested time and again as J.R.’s manipulations threaten to tear them apart. However, even when Bobby throws J.R. out of the company in episode “Three Hundred,” S12-E19, he cannot completely sever ties with his older brother because he knows that family comes first for both of them.

Their complex relationship is not just about power struggles, but also about love and respect for each other as brothers. They have stood by each other through thick and thin, proving that blood truly runs thicker than water. As we delve deeper into the story of Dallas, we see how this dynamic plays out in unexpected ways that keep us hooked until the end.

As we continue our journey through Dallas, we will see how J.R.’s cunning nature drives much of the show’s drama forward while also affecting his relationships with those around him – including his beloved little brother Bobby Ewing whom he will stop at nothing to control.

J.R. Ewing: The Cunning and Ruthless Order Brother

Get ready to witness the true extent of J.R. Ewing’s cunning and ruthless nature as we delve deeper into his character in this section. J.R. is the eldest son of Jock Ewing, and he is always looking for ways to gain his father’s approval. He is willing to do whatever it takes, even if it means stepping on anyone who gets in his way.

J.R.’s cunning nature is evident throughout the show as he manipulates those around him to get what he wants. He uses every resource at his disposal, including blackmail, deception, and bribery, to ensure that Ewing Oil remains under his control. His ruthlessness knows no bounds as he destroys anyone who tries to stand up against him or challenge his authority.

Despite all of this, J.R.’s love for his little brother Bobby shines through the darkness of his personality. He may be cunning and ruthless, but deep down, he cares about Bobby and their relationship. This complexity makes him one of the most intriguing characters on television during that time period.

As we move on to the next section about Bobby Ewing: The Moral Center of the Show, we will see how these two brothers’ contrasting personalities create a dynamic that drives much of Dallas’s plotline without fail.

Bobby Ewing: The Moral Center of the Show


At the heart of this drama series lies a character who serves as its moral compass, embodying integrity and principles that stand in stark contrast to the cunning and ruthless nature of others. This character is Bobby Ewing, played by Patrick Duffy, who was the younger brother of J.R. Ewing. While J.R. was focused on power and money, Bobby remained grounded in his values and beliefs. He always sought to do what was right, even if it meant going against his own family.

Bobby’s role as the moral center of the show made him a beloved character among viewers. His unwavering dedication to honesty and justice made him stand out from other characters who were more willing to compromise their morals for personal gain. In many ways, Bobby represented the best qualities of humanity – compassion, empathy, and selflessness.

Throughout Dallas’ run on television, Bobby faced numerous challenges that tested his resolve. From dealing with family feuds to navigating romantic relationships, he always maintained his sense of integrity. Even when he disagreed with J.R., he never lost sight of what really mattered – staying true to himself and doing what he believed was right. As one of the most complex characters on television at that time, Bobby Ewing left an indelible mark on audiences around the world.

As we reflect on Dallas today, we can see how its legacy has endured over time. The show’s unique blend of drama and morality captivated audiences for 14 seasons and continues to be celebrated by fans today. Through its vibrant characters like Bobby Ewing and its compelling storylines about love, loss, betrayal, and redemption, Dallas remains a beloved television drama that touched millions of lives in profound ways- cementing its place in pop culture history for generations to come.

The Legacy of Dallas: A Beloved Television Drama

S3E13 1
S3E13 1

As a viewer, you can’t help but appreciate the lasting impact that Dallas has had on television history. The show’s iconic characters and storylines have left an indelible mark on pop culture, influencing countless other TV dramas in its wake. Even today, decades after its original run ended, Dallas remains beloved by fans for its timeless themes of family, loyalty, and morality.

At the heart of Dallas is the complex relationship between brothers J.R. and Bobby Ewing. Their rivalry over control of Ewing Oil provided plenty of drama over the years, but it was their underlying love for each other that made their bond so compelling to watch. As viewers watched them navigate through betrayals and tragedies together, they couldn’t help but feel invested in their journey.

Ultimately, the legacy of Dallas is one that continues to endure. Its influence can be seen in everything from modern soap operas like Empire to critically acclaimed dramas like Breaking Bad. But no matter how many shows come and go over the years, there will always be a special place in audiences’ hearts for this groundbreaking television drama.

What was the inspiration behind the creation of the characters of J.R. and Bobby Ewing?

The creation of J.R. and Bobby Ewing was inspired by the idea of exploring the dynamics between two brothers with different personalities and motivations. The show’s creators wanted to delve into themes such as family loyalty, greed, and ambition in a setting that showcased the opulence and drama of the Texas oil industry. The characters’ complex relationships with their father, wives, and each other provided rich material for storylines that kept audiences engaged for thirteen seasons. J.R.’s conniving villainy and Bobby’s principled heroism reflected the contrasts inherent in human nature, making them relatable to viewers who yearned for both freedom from convention and a sense of moral purpose.

Were there any significant changes made to the show’s plot or characters throughout its run?

S2E6 3
S2E6 3

Throughout its 14 seasons, the show Dallas underwent several significant changes to both its plot and characters. One of the most notable changes was the death of Jock Ewing, which caused a shift in power dynamics within the family. Additionally, new characters were introduced and old ones were phased out as the show evolved over time. The love stories between Bobby and Pam, as well as J.R. and Sue Ellen, also experienced ups and downs throughout the series run. Despite these changes, however, one constant remained: the complex relationship between brothers Bobby and J.R. Ewing that served as the heart of the show’s narrative.

How did the show’s depiction of family relationships and dynamics contribute to its popularity and longevity?

The depiction of family relationships and dynamics in a television show can have a significant impact on its popularity and longevity. Viewers are often drawn to shows that portray relatable familial struggles, such as loyalty, betrayal, and forgiveness. The success of a show like Dallas, which premiered in 1978 and continued for 14 seasons, can be attributed in part to the complicated relationships between the Ewing family members. The love-hate bond between brothers J.R. and Bobby Ewing was at the center of the show’s plot, with their constant power struggles keeping viewers engaged. Additionally, storylines involving miscarriages, depression, and marital drama added depth to the characters beyond just being wealthy oil tycoons. By exploring these complex family dynamics and relatable issues over its long run time, Dallas was able to maintain a loyal audience for years to come.

What was the impact of Dallas on the television industry and popular culture during its time?

During its time, Dallas was a cultural phenomenon that impacted the television industry in several ways. One interesting statistic is that the show held the record for the most-watched prime-time drama episode for over two decades with its “Who Shot J.R.?” cliffhanger finale in 1980, which drew an estimated 83 million viewers. The show’s success influenced other networks to invest in similar soap opera-style dramas, and it also introduced product placement as a revenue source for TV shows. Beyond its impact on the industry, Dallas also became a part of popular culture, with references to the show appearing in music lyrics and even political speeches. Its legacy continues today through spinoffs and reboots, proving that the Ewing family’s story still resonates with audiences who crave both juicy drama and nuanced explorations of complex relationships.

How did the show handle sensitive or controversial topics such as mental health and sexuality?


Dallas was a show that dared to explore sensitive and controversial topics, such as mental health and sexuality, in an era where these subjects were largely taboo. The writers of Dallas did not shy away from addressing issues like depression and miscarriages, which added depth and realism to the characters. Additionally, the show delved into sexual innuendo and emphasized the importance of having time for sex. Despite being a soap opera at heart, Dallas tackled serious issues with grace and tact, making it a groundbreaking show that challenged societal norms of the time.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Dallas was a groundbreaking television show that captivated audiences with its portrayal of the wealthy and powerful Ewing family. At the center of the drama were the two brothers, J.R. and Bobby Ewing, whose complex relationship and struggles for power kept viewers on the edge of their seats.

Juxtaposing J.R.’s cunning and ruthless nature with Bobby’s moral center created a dynamic that made Dallas stand out from other dramas of its time. The legacy of Dallas lives on through its enduring impact on pop culture and television history. As fans continue to revisit this iconic series, they are reminded of the timeless themes of love, power, and family that made Dallas an unforgettable classic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Dallas Tv about?

Dallas is a television drama series about the Ewing family, a wealthy and powerful oil dynasty in Dallas, Texas. The series follows the lives and conflicts of the family members as they navigate love affairs, business deals, and family feuds. The show originally aired from 1978 to 1991, and was later revived for a brief run in 2012-2014.

Q: Who are J.R. and Bobby Ewing?

A: J.R. and Bobby Ewing are two brothers who inherit Ewing Oil from their father, Jock Ewing.

Q: What was the role of Ewing Oil in the series?

A: Ewing Oil was an important element of the series since it was the reason for most of the power struggles, conflicts, and schemes between the Ewing family members, their competitors, and enemies.

Q: What was the relationship between J.R. and Bobby?

A: J.R. and Bobby had a complex relationship, both as brothers and business rivals, with many ups and downs, including conflicts over women, the oil business, and various schemes and betrayals.

Q: Who is Digger Barnes?

A: Digger Barnes is the father of Cliff Barnes, another business rival of the Ewings, who sold the rights to Ewing Oil to Jock Ewing but then wanted his share back.

Q: Who is John Ross Ewing?

A: John Ross Ewing is the son of J.R. and Sue Ellen, who eventually inherits a great deal of Ewing Oil.

Q: Who is Pamella?

A: Pamela is Bobby’s first wife, who was originally from a rich family who opposed her marriage to Bobby, and had a tumultuous relationship with the Ewings.

Q: Who is Ellie?

A: Ellie is the matriarch of the Ewing family, the mother of Jock, Gary, and Bobby, and the wife of Jock Ewing.

Q: What is Southfork?

A: Southfork is the ranch owned by the Ewing family, and the setting for most of the series.

Q: Who is Cliff Barnes?

A: Cliff Barnes is a business rival of the Ewings, the son of Digger Barnes, and a longtime enemy of J.R. and his family.

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