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Linda Gray is an American actress best known for her role as Sue Ellen Ewing on the hit television series Her performance earned her critical acclaim and numerous award nominations, helping to make "Dallas" one of the most beloved and iconic TV shows of all time.

Linda Gray (Sue Ellen Ewing)

Linda Gray has been a household name since her role as Sue Ellen Ewing on the hit TV series, Dallas. A groundbreaking show in its time, it continues to be loved by viewers all over the world who are entranced by the drama and glamor of being an oil baron’s family living in Texas. Linda Gray truly brought life to this iconic character and made audiences fall in love with Sue Ellen Ewing all those years ago. Today we’ll take a look at Linda Gray’s amazing career before and after Dallas, and how she took on her most famous role.

Who Is Sue Ellen Ewing?


Linda Gray is a legendary figure in television, having played the iconic Sue Ellen Ewing on the long-running classic ‘Dallas’ TV show. The powerful matriarch of the Ewing family was beloved by millions for her sultry and seductive portrayal of one of America’s favorite prime time character. Her work as Sue Ellen earned her numerous awards and nominations, making Linda Gray an unforgettable star with lasting influence.

From her first appearance on Dallas in 1978 to her last performance in 1991, Linda Gray embodied all that made this show so successful: drama, glamor, beauty, and mystery. Whether she was fighting off J.R.‘s many enemies or defending her son from his father’s schemes, Sue Ellen always held true to herself amidst the chaos of the Ewing family dynasty. It was this fierce devotion to justice while maintaining grace under fire that helped define Linda Gray’s incredible acting career and cemented her place in pop culture history.

Linda Gray has been honored over the years for her role as Sue Ellen Ewing and continues to be celebrated today as both a pioneering actress who broke boundaries and a veteran performer whose legacy will never be forgotten.

Acting Career

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Linda Gray’s acting career is one of the most celebrated in television history. Her portrayal of Sue Ellen Ewing on Dallas was a defining performance that earned her numerous awards and nominations, and she continues to be an inspiration for aspiring actors today.

• Iconic Performance: As soon as she stepped into the part of Sue Ellen Ewing, Linda Gray became an iconic figure in television. Her powerful yet graceful presence reminded viewers that there were no limits when it came to female characters on prime-time TV. This groundbreaking performance helped pave the way for countless strong women characters we see today.

• Lasting Influence: Even after four decades since its debut, Dallas still casts a large shadow across our small screens – thanks largely to the excellence of Linda Gray’s award-winning performance as Sue Ellen Ewing. This influence has been felt throughout pop culture, where her work as an actress continues to inspire many around the world.

Impact On Pop Culture

Linda Gray’s influence in pop culture has been nothing short of remarkable. From her iconic role as Sue Ellen Ewing on the beloved show Dallas, she has left an indelible mark on television history. Her impactful portrayal of a strong and determined woman striving to make it in a man’s world resonates with viewers even today. Here are just four ways that Linda Gray changed the face of popular culture:

• She led the way for female characters to have more prominent roles on television. As one of the first women to be featured as a main character on prime-time TV, Linda helped pave the way for future generations of actresses.

• She was part of one of the most successful shows ever produced in terms of ratings and international appeal. During its heyday, Dallas consistently ranked as one of the top ten watched programs each week and is still widely remembered by fans around the globe.

• The drama series sparked various fashion trends which were heavily influenced by Linda’s style both onscreen and off-screen during promotional events. These included glamorous gowns and accessories such as big hairpieces and oversized sunglasses.

• In recent decades, there have been several remakes or spinoffs related to Dallas featuring some members from the original cast (including Linda). This underscores how powerful this show continues to be even after 40+ years since its debut.

Thanks to her unforgettable presence on Dallas, Linda Gray has become synonymous with strength and resilience – qualities that will undoubtedly continue inspiring people all over the world for many years to come.

Recent Appearances

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In 2016, Linda reprised her iconic character Sue Ellen Ewing for another rebooted version of Dallas, which aired on TNT. This highly anticipated revival saw fans taking a trip down memory lane alongside some new faces that were added to this timeless classic. Undoubtedly, it was an incredible experience for Linda who said “I feel like I’m coming home” when referring to her return to Southfork Ranch.

With so many amazing appearances over the years, Linda Gray continues to be one of our most beloved actresses, both on-screen and off-screen.

Final Thoughts

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While filming the show was hard work for everyone involved, Linda’s favorite memory from her time on Dallas was getting to know some of the other cast members off-camera. Despite the long hours spent shooting scenes for the show, she developed close friendships with many of them that remain strong today – a true testament to how timelessly anachronistic this classic series remains.

Overall, it’s clear that Linda Gray will always be remembered fondly by fans around the world for her unforgettable portrayal of Sue Ellen Ewing on Dallas. Her commitment and passion for acting continue to inspire generations of performers even today – making her one of TV’s most beloved stars.

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