Wes Parmalee

Wes Parmalee

Uncover the untold story of Steve Forrest, the man who brought Wes Parmalee to life. Discover the secrets behind this captivating actor now!

Steve Forrest (Wes Parmalee)

Lorimar Television extended Steve Forrest’s contract for the 1978-1981 season of ‘Dallas’ (also known as the ‘Dream Season’). During this time, he portrayed the character Ben Stivers. However, they decided to bring him back as a similar character named Wes Parmalee in the following season. Surprisingly, it was revealed that Wes Parmalee was actually Jock Ewing…


Wes Parmalee
Wes Parmalee

Steve Forrest’s upcoming role as Jock Ewing caused quite a stir among fans who believed that this new storyline was disrespectful to the memory of the original actor, Jim Davis. Consequently, Lorimar was left with no choice but to drop the character of Wes Parmalee and alter the course of the story. However, the storyline didn’t quite live up to its potential. There were some inconsistencies that stood out, like Parmalee passing a lie detector test without any explanation and Donna Reed’s involvement in the unexplained x-rays. Plus, the character development of Clayton wasn’t as strong as it could have been, and we were left guessing about Wes Parmalee’s true identity until the very end. This lackluster handling of the plot received criticism for its lack of attention to detail and a conclusion that left fans wanting more.

Key Takeaways

  • Steve Forrest should have been cast as Jason Ewing instead of Wes Parmalee, bringing in his kids and adding more drama and distrust from the boys. 
  • The storyline missed several opportunities for character development and plot progression, with an awful ending and unresolved issues like Parmalee’s departure and Ellie and Clayton’s marriage.
  • Crucial evidence was conveniently forgotten, like Bobby leaving out the matching x-rays that proved Parmalee had the same injuries as Jock, which was medically impossible.
  • Clayton’s reaction to Parmalee was weakened, as his determination to find him was dropped and he had to be calmed down by Ellie, disappointing the audience and hindering Clayton’s character development.

Steve Forrest’s Role

Wes Parmalee3
Wes Parmalee3

Steve Forrest’s portrayal of Wes Parmalee as Jason Ewing brought a new level of drama and intrigue to the storyline, leaving fans wanting more. As Wes Parmalee, Forrest captured the essence of a mysterious and enigmatic character who had the potential to be Jock Ewing himself. His performance added depth to the plot, introducing doubts and uncertainties about Parmalee’s true identity.

One of the standout moments in Forrest’s portrayal was when Wes Parmalee passed the lie detector test. This scene added another layer of ambiguity, making it difficult for viewers to determine whether he was truly Jock or an imposter. Forrest’s skillful delivery kept audiences on their toes, questioning what they believed to be true.

Furthermore, Steve Forrest’s presence on Dallas provided an excellent opportunity for character development among the Ewing family members. His interactions with Jack and Jamie introduced a new dynamic that created tension and distrust within the family. Additionally, his potential romance with Miss Ellie brought forth a range of emotions from both characters.

Overall, Steve Forrest’s role as Wes Parmalee showcased his talent as an actor and enhanced the storyline of Dallas. His performance captivated audiences and left them eagerly awaiting further revelations about Jock Ewing’s possible return.

Storyline Issues

The storyline of Dallas suffered from numerous missed opportunities and unresolved questions, leaving viewers feeling unsatisfied and disappointed. One of the main issues was the handling of Steve Forrest’s character, Wes Parmalee. Despite his potential as Jason Ewing and the introduction of his children, Jack and Jamie, Forrest’s portrayal fell short. His age was slightly older in line with JR and Gary’s ages, which could have led to more drama and distrust among the Ewing boys. Additionally, there were several missed moments for character development and plot progression.

One crucial aspect that was overlooked was the forgotten evidence surrounding Jock Ewing’s death. Bobby conveniently left out the part about the matching x-rays between Parmalee and Jock, making it medically impossible for two different men to have identical injuries. This lack of attention to detail raised questions about the writers’ consistency in their storytelling.

Another issue arose with Clayton’s reaction to Parmalee. Initially determined to expose him by hiring a private investigator, Clayton’s determination weakened over time with Ellie having to intervene to calm him down. This inconsistency in his portrayal disappointed audiences who were expecting more from his character arc.

Overall, these unresolved questions and loose ends surrounding Wes Parmalee’s true identity created ambiguity within the storyline. The writers seemed to back away from the idea of him being Jock, possibly influenced by Bobby’s return from the dead. Miss Ellie’s concern for Parmalee’s safety further added uncertainty but ultimately resulted in an unsatisfactory resolution.

Furthermore, inconsistencies within the plot only added to audience frustration. Parmalee passing a lie detector test without explanation or Donna Reed’s involvement in the x-rays without clarification left viewers guessing at times. Wyatt Haines also couldn’t have had identical injuries as Jock, raising red herrings that only served to create confusion rather than deepen intrigue.

Lastly, this mishandling of Steve Forrest as Wes Parmalee resulted in missed character development for Clayton. The lack of follow-through on his threat to find Parmalee weakened his character and did a disservice to the potential growth he could have experienced. The inconsistent portrayal of Clayton’s determination negatively affected audience perception and was ultimately a missed opportunity for his storyline.

Tthe ambiguous nature of Wes Parmalee’s identity, combined with the lackluster ending and criticism of the writers’ choices, contributed to the overall disappointment in the storyline. The unresolved questions, missed opportunities, and inconsistencies left viewers wanting more from this particular aspect of Dallas.

Clayton’s Reaction


Clayton’s reaction to Parmalee was intense. He felt a personal connection to the mystery man and believed that his arrival could potentially disrupt his marriage with Miss Ellie.

However, as the story progressed and more conflicting information emerged, Clayton’s determination seemed to waver. Ellie had to intervene and enlist the help of JR and Bobby to calm him down when his emotions got out of control. This portrayal of Clayton weakened his character in the eyes of the audience.

The disappointment lies in the fact that there was potential for significant character development for Clayton during this time. His relentless pursuit could have showcased his strength and resilience while also exploring new dimensions of his personality. Unfortunately, this opportunity was missed.

Overall, though Clayton initially showed great determination in finding Parmalee, his reaction ultimately fell short due to inconsistent writing choices throughout the Forrest times storyline.

Unresolved Questions

Unresolved questions linger as the true identity of Wes Parmalee continues to keep viewers guessing and craving answers. Throughout Steve Forrest’s portrayal of Parmalee, the audience was left with a sense of ambiguity surrounding his origins. The writers and producers initially hinted at the possibility of Parmalee being Jock Ewing, which added an intriguing layer to the storyline. However, they ultimately backed away from this idea, possibly influenced by Bobby’s return from the dead.

Despite this shift in direction, Miss Ellie’s reaction to Parmalee suggested a genuine concern for his safety, leaving room for speculation about his true identity. The unresolved nature of Wes’s background adds depth to the story and allows for individual interpretation by viewers.

Overall, the unresolved questions surrounding Wes Parmalee’s true identity contribute to both intrigue and frustration among viewers who were invested in unraveling this captivating mystery during Bobby and JR’s time at Southfork Ranch during “Jock Ewing times.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is Steve Forrest (Wes Parmalee)?

Steve Forrest is an actor who played the character of Wes Parmalee in the TV show Dallas.

Q: Who is Jim Davis in Dallas?

Jim Davis was an actor who played the character of Jock Ewing, the patriarch of the Ewing family, in the early seasons of the show.

Q: What is the significance of Jock’s death in Dallas?

Jock’s death is a pivotal event in the show, as it sets off a chain of events that affect the Ewing family and their business.

Q:  How did Steve Forrest’s departure from the show affect the storyline of Wes Parmalee?

Steve Forrest’s departure from the show had a significant impact on the storyline of Wes Parmalee. His abrupt exit left several unresolved plot points and loose ends, such as Parmalee’s true identity and the potential romantic relationship with Miss Ellie. The character development for Clayton was also affected, as his determination to find Parmalee weakened in the eyes of the audience. Overall, Steve Forrest’s departure resulted in an unsatisfactory resolution to the Wes Parmalee storyline and disappointed viewers.

Q:  Why was the marriage between Miss Ellie and Clayton not properly addressed after Wes Parmalee’s identity was revealed?

After Wes Parmalee’s true identity was revealed, the marriage between Miss Ellie and Clayton was not properly addressed due to the writers’ decision to focus on other storylines. This lack of attention to their relationship may symbolize the underlying issues that existed within their marriage. It is possible that the writers felt it would be more compelling to explore other character arcs and plot developments instead. However, this choice left audiences feeling unsatisfied and disappointed with the unresolved questions surrounding Miss Ellie and Clayton’s relationship.

Q: What happened to Clayton’s determination to find Wes Parmalee, and how did it impact his character development?

Clayton’s determination to expose Wes Parmalee weakened as the storyline progressed. Initially, he hired a private investigator and expressed his desire to track down Parmalee. However, Clayton’s determination waned when Ellie had to intervene and seek assistance from JR and Bobby to calm him down. This inconsistency in his portrayal negatively affected the audience’s perception of Clayton and missed an opportunity for his character development. The unresolved nature of Parmalee’s true identity added depth to the story, but ultimately, the resolution was unsatisfactory.

Q: Why did the writers decide to leave Wes Parmalee’s true identity uncertain, and how did this ambiguity add depth to the story?

The writers decided to leave Wes Parmalee’s true identity uncertain in order to add depth and intrigue to the story. By keeping his identity ambiguous, they created a sense of mystery and allowed for different interpretations by the audience. This ambiguity added layers to the plot and sparked discussions among viewers. It also contributed to the overall uncertainty and tension within the storyline, making it more engaging and captivating for the audience.

Final Thoughts

Tthe portrayal of Steve Forrest as Wes Parmalee in the TV show Dallas had its fair share of missed opportunities and unresolved questions. The potential for dramatic tension and romance between Wes and Miss Ellie was not fully explored, leaving viewers wanting more. The storyline suffered from inconsistencies, such as unexplained plot points and weak character development. The lackluster ending failed to deliver a satisfying conclusion, leaving fans disappointed. Overall, the writers’ handling of the Wes Parmalee storyline lacked attention to detail, resulting in a less than stellar outcome.

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